Piano service is what gives harmony and balance to your piano. We are able to evaluate and diagnose the service your piano demands and then take care of your, and your piano's specific desires and needs. Our comprehension of the complexities of pianos is utilized in our everyday work.

Listed here are sample work orders from each category of piano care detailing the processes and kinds of work performed. Each piano has its own unique set of parameters. These parameters are the direct cause and effect on the condition and well being of your piano.

Example Work Orders:

The piano's environment mostly consists of its climate, humidity, and type of use; one hour a week by a beginner as opposed to eight hours a day by a professional. Of the more than 10 million pianos in the United States there are 10 million totally different, unique pianos in very different, unique circumstances. Factors that effect the condition of a piano include: manufacturer, date of manufacturing, design and material base, frequency of tunings and level of care, climate in the region of piano's residency, and if it has gone through multiple moves to compromise wood, felts, and steel movement. And further more each family has a different set of pianists; some are very kind to a piano keyboard where others are not. Extensive hard play and insufficient servicing is very detrimental to the mechanics which produce the energy that puts the strings in motion.

In any given evaluation prior to a general service all variables are taken into context. The best solutions are then figured out for the specific needs and budget of the piano player while still trying to achieve the best musical results for the piano.

In the 46 years that I have been caring for pianos I have found that there is still room for learning and adding knowledge through continued experiences. Most piano manufactures change dramatically every 10 years: technology evolvement, material improvement, changes in ownership, and change in manufacturing environment and location. Our variables are always evolving and changing. Now throw into the formula all types of pianists, climate environments, manufacturing values, maintenance, care, and age; those multiple variables are what make the servicing of pianos always unique.

Let each piano speak to you individually. This is my passion. To bring to full potential, or in many cases exceed, the performance level of each piano I care for!

This introduction is a little longer than I had anticipated but I felt it important for you to understand the requirements set upon me to evaluate, diagnose, and complete each work order proposed. I hope you can come away with a better understanding of the working components of the piano and how they are subject to the environment and the pianist.

Ira Langlois
5th Generation Piano Technician


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