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Ira Langlois

Ira Langlois - President

Working with two hundred students a week for over twenty years, there became a common ground in selecting the right level instrument.

To help you select the proper performance for your needs, I developed a performance chart to put you into the correct piano performance level.

Many years ago I became frustrated with continually repeating myself on a simple concept of pianos and there related performance.  So, I personally developed a simple performance chart.  This performance chart has become one of the most useful tools in educating introductory or novas pianists who know very little about pianos.  It has worked for most families.  Remember, if you have a gifted student or a determined adult, choose the best instrument at your level needs.  You don’t have to be a millionaire to choose a wonderful piano. 

Here is how it works:

  1. Find your level of play and match it to the piano performance.

  2. Select the level you want in your home.

  3. Complete our Customer Profile form so we can best understand your needs.

  4. After selecting a special model, style, color, and performance level, we will custom prepare that piano for you.

  5. When you have selected the instrument of your choice we will custom prepare that piano for you and define all voicing characteristics for you and your environment.

Look closely at my Langlois & Sons pianos.  Simply hand workmanship throughout and powerfully constructed with the best materials known.  Just listen and you will agree.  I’m looking forward to your completed Customer Profile Form.


The Six Types of Pianos and Their Performance Levels

I have to talk in generalities because children and adults progress at different rates. It is important to fit the correct piano to the piano player. Also keep in mind that each level of piano may overlap into another category
Depending on grade and condition.

Piano Type



Old Upright (70 years and older)
Spinet (36” Tall)
Console (40-42” Tall)
Studio (45-46” Tall)
Professional Upright (48-52” Tall)
Grand Piano (5’ – 9’)


Action Development
Student Needs
½ Primer
Standard upright action
6-8 Year Old Beginner
Adult Beginner
1 year
1 Primer -
Indirect blow action
8 Year Old Beginner
Adult Beginner
2 years
1 year
2 Elementary -
Compact direct blow action
8 Year Old Beginner
Adult Beginner
5 years
2 years
3 Intermediate -
Late Intermediate
Full size full stroke action
8 Year Old Beginner
Adult Beginner
High School
5 years
4 Late Intermediate -
High full size extended action 8 Year Old Beginner
Adult Beginner
5 Advanced -
Only piano designed with a repetition lever 8 Year Old Beginner
Adult Beginner

Download our How to Buy a Piano PDf

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