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The history of the Perzina Piano began on July 1, 1871. On that day two brothers, Julius and Albert Perzina, opened their shop in the small German town of Schwerin. They officially named the company Gebrüder Perzina which means brothers Perzina. As business increased, the Perzina factory was moved to a larger facility in the German town Lenzen.

The Perzina piano soon became one of Germany’s most influential and prestigious brands. Many of the best musicians and world leaders purchased Perzina pianos. These included the Arch-Duke of Mecklenberg, Duke of Oldenburg, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, and Hendrik of Mecklenberg-Schwerin. Around 1900 the Perzina factory was the largest piano factory in Northern Germany. Today in Germany and other European countries, Perzina is a household known name.

Perzina pianos are recognized for their remarkably beautiful tone and sound. Today’s Perzina piano is still one of the world’s best pianos. The vertical models use the patented floating-soundboard, floating-plate, and reverse (concave) soundboard crown design. These patents and features are exclusive to Perzina manufactured vertical pianos.

Each Perzina vertical and grand features European regulation and intonation (voicing) approved to the standards set by Hans Leferink. Mr. Leferink’s technique provides a balance of color and an array of nuances throughout the full scale of the piano. The sound is strong, full bodied, but not over-weighted. The European voicing provides a clean, even mid-range, and a singing treble. The action is weighted and balanced to express the true emotion of the performer.

The Perzina factory and grounds in Lenzen Germany are now owned by European businessman Ronald Bol, and the corporate headquarters are in Veenendaal, Netherlands. Due to international demand for the product, a new factory is being built under the supervision of Mr. Bol and the Gebr. Perzina technical staff. All of the Perzina pianos continue to use the highest manufacturing standards and the industry’s best components.

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