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In learning the craft of piano moving I began working the dolly at age five. By the time I was sixteen I was on the truck for every move. Each piano, each location, each unique entry, stairway, specific environment, hardwood, sunken living room, tile, marble surface (with weight specific loads), are only the beginning. A corner edge, a nudge, scrape, scratch, or even worse are all unpredictable. We have decades of skilled experience that enables us to complete each job perfectly. Understanding each job and meeting all criteria is our goal. Call us today to discuss what we can do to meet your requirements.

-Ira Langlois

The most important thing is the safe and correct transportation of your prized possession- your piano.

We need your complete descriptions of:

  • Your Piano - type and size
  • Pick up and Delivery addresses
  • Entryway, Stairs and Walkways
  • Any areas of specific concern - tight squeezes, tricky staircases, etc

We can handle all types of moves as long as we know all the variables. Please complete our moving form below to the best of your knowledge. If there is major work to be completed, this is the time to do it whether it’s restoring the cabinet or restringing the harp. Please include all phone numbers and email addresses for all parties involved. Upon completion of the form, we can estimate the fee for your specific job.

We wish you a happy and safe move! 


Request a Piano Moving Estimate

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Zip Code
Piano Specifics:
Brand Name
Length of Grand or model#
Serial #

Pick up Address:
Delivery Address:
Number of Steps:
At Pickup
At Delivery
Completion Date:


Please note, additional time and charges above a quoted price maybe added in special cases or if insufficient information is supplied, e.g.; upending piano for tight hallway corners, yard configurations and pathways, steps and stairways, inclines, etc.




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We will never sell or give anyone else the information that you give to us. Including your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and billing and payment information, unless subpoenaed by legal authority.


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