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Langlois & Sons Upright Pianos

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There are no secrets to a hand made piano. The right blending of ingredients to create an instrument of audibly sweet, warm tones. A melodic melody that attracts you not to pass by the piano but to Play!

At the heart of the piano is the soundboard. We have chosen Siberian Spruce for its pure, clean, annular grain. Many models use the famous Italian Spruce soundboard, Ciresa built in Val di Fiemme, Italy.

Next, our cast iron plate is still made the old fashioned way, cast in sand to preserve the sweet bell tones.

The main frame, the rim, constructed of all hardwoods is made up of continuous laminates, birch and maple, bent around the entire rim. This is a must to produce the strength necessary to sustain the soundboard energy and to keep its exact shape.

The massive beams, mortised into the hardwood frame, were selected of German Hornbeam stock. Its hardwood properties are unmatched for strength and density properties.

A seventeen ply laminated Rock Maple pin block, produced in the United States, was chosen because North American Rock Maple is the world’s best material to keep the tuning pins stable over the lifetime of the instrument.

Every keyboard is lead weighted to produce the most fluid energy flow or best feel to the touch. All action parts are made of hardwood maple with natural skins, to achieve minimum wear and maximum sensitivity.

All Langlois & Sons pianos feature Helmut Abel hammers produced with German felt hand made in Germany.

Five full tunings, two full action regulations, and a two step process in tone regulation are necessary to build the broad, warm sonar quality of the Langlois & Sons piano.

The overall performance speaks for itself. Certification of the highest quality standards, an ISO 9001 proves excellence in achievement.

Its beauty is not just cabinet deep, but feel the even action performance that accelerates each note of its pure harmonic tone, made especially for the pianist.

Each Langlois & Sons instrument is personally hand signed by Mr. Ira T. Langlois. Each instrument comes with a certificate of handmade merit, notating the instruments serial number and the date of purchase.

Generations to come will enjoy the delicate balanced recipe achieved by the Langlois & Sons piano.


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