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The World's Most Precise Piano Action

The revolutionary Millennium III Upright Action represents the third evolution of piano touch. Combining modern material science with innovative new design concepts, Kawai has developed an action with a feel and consistency that is unmatched. We cordially invite you to experience the preeminent piano action of the third millennium.


For the Millenium III Action, Kawai scientists developed a new material called ABS-Carbon, created by the infusion of carbon fibers into ABS material. ABS-Carbon is incredibly strong and lightweight - properties that allowed Kawai to make the action parts lighter without sacrificing strength. The lighter design makes the Millennium III Upright Action exceptionally fast and effortless. The repetition and ease-of-playing are superb.


The infusion of carbon fiber into ABS increased the strength of the material by 90%. This enabled ABS-Carbon parts to be stronger, even though they were made lighter in weight.


With lighter ABS-Carbon parts, the Millennium III Upright Action was made faster - approximately 16% faster than a conventional wooden action.



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