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As one of the oldest Kawai dealers in the Western United States, I am proud to be a part of the Kawai family. Not only do I get to represent the worlds most technically advanced pianos but I have personally serviced and maintained unaccountable numbers of Kawai’s over the last 30+ years. I have had first hand experience in the complete care and maintenance of these instruments and I must say they amaze me today as much as they did back in the 60’s. I believe the “Japanese” attention to detail that is paid in all aspects of the manufacturing process give them their leading edge. Also they are still family owned and operated which means great family pride and accomplishment to produce only the highest quality possible. Each member of the Kawai family is treated as such. No small entity is overlooked. Fine detail is also used in caring for their product in homes and studios. Great technical staff and pentacle parts and care are offered with helpful pointers.

I have been flown to Japan three times in my tenure as a dealer/technician and I have had first hand technical training and in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing process so I am able to comprehend all mechanical and engineering values applied to designing, materials, mechanical production procedure, to fully apply all technical knowledge to practical use. One aspect that Kawai has developed over the years are robotics that voice their hammers prior to installation on their instruments. This allows quick reduction of hammer felt tension and gang polishing each set of hammers even before installation in the piano action. They have comprehensive automation and have built in to their technical design outstanding procedure to benefit the musician. A laser is used to measure the edge of the key top line, a computer measures the height of keys and a computer print out is sent to the technicians for exact tolerance measurements. During one visit I was able to work side by side with Kawai’s European concert technicians, preparing several concert grand pianos, going through their procedures and techniques used and developed by their staff over the last 85 years. I can feel truly humbled to have been given the opportunity to work as a family member in the Kawai organization. I was driven as a very young man to be part of Kawai and am glad I have
chosen these quality instrument makers as part
of my life and career.

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