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Langlois Pianos has been a PianoDisc Dealer since 1994.



PianoDisc's Music Library has long been recognized as the largest and most comprehensive in the world, with thousands of selections in every category of music.

The iQ player system can be operated from your choice of external devices, including music delivery devices like MP3 players.

iQ uses PianoDisc's patented SilentDrive technology to play the piano with full expression at even whisper-soft levels.  iQ can play music from PianoDisc's extensive library, either by download or CDs, and can also play music from special PianoVideo DVDs.

iQ's electronics are hidden within the piano.  The system can be controlled by any number of devices---the user can choose his own---including technologically advanced music delivery devices, like MP3 players, and from iTunes installed on a laptop or desktop.


Standard Features Include: 88 Notes, Pedal Solenoid & All Trapwork, IR Remote, Loaded with $1000 Music Package.


IQ without Control Unit


IQ DVD Drive

IQ with iPod  


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