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Purity and sweetness of tone, evenness of scale, great durability, superb case designs in the richest of woods, and high commercial value have always been the hallmark of a Falcone piano. Its reputation, now impregnably secure, has extended from ocean to ocean and even beyond the nation’s boundaries. It is a piano high up between the recognized leaders and one whose brilliant career has already been fixed and whose future is secure.

Mr. Falcone originally designed the piano to meet the needs of the most discriminating piano player. Rich European and American traditions of both tone and touch were ever present in this development.

Today, America Sejung Corporation strives to uphold the ideals of this fine brand name. We boast about being today’s most modern piano manufacturing facility. This pride is reflected in the quality and consistency of our hand made pianos. The use of a solid spruce soundboard, fifteen ply hardwood pin block, hard maple action parts with real leather skins, weighted keys and genuine designer veneers is proof enough we take pride in selecting the finest materials and practice old the world craftsmanship of piano making, truly a musical investment that you and your family will enjoy for a life time

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