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Langlois Pianos has been a PianoDisc Dealer since 1994.



PianoDisc's Music Library has long been recognized as the largest and most comprehensive in the world, with thousands of selections in every category of music.

This virtual reality player system offers many unique and exciting features in one powerful package. In solo performances or accompanied by a full symphony orchestra, PianoDisc's 228CFX brings your piano to life!

Flexibility is a key element of the 228CFX.  With it your piano can play via 3.5" floppy disks, specially-formatted PianoCDs or even access MX (Music Expansion) or MX Platinum, PianoDisc's optional flash memory storage systems.  The 228CFX has an all-in-one control unit that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide unparalleled piano performances. 

SilentDrive is an important, built-in feature of all PianoDisc systems.  SilentDrive ensures that PianoDisc systems play with life-like expression, and sound remarkable even at the whisper-soft volume levels.  It allows precise control of the piano's keys and pedals for greater fidelity, expression and low-volume control.  SilentDrive consists of four boards: one CPU (central processing unit) and three custom ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) chip-driven boards. The boards communicate using a type of serial information link that runs faster than MIDI. This electronic link allows for the almost instantaneous changes to the solenoid's speed when a new command is given. With SilentDrive, the PianoDisc system plays at much quieter levels, with whisper quiet movement of the solenoids and incredible dynamic expression. 

228 CFX Systems

Standard Features Include: Floppy Drive, CD Drive, Silent Drive, 88 notes, Pedal Solenoid & All Trapwork, IR Remote, $500 of Free Software with CD Case.


228 CFX Options


Mx Platinum - 64MB Memory
35 Hours On-Board Music & Memory


MX Basic - 32MB Memory
25 Hours On-Board Music & Memory


SymphonyPro Soundcard




PianoMute Rail


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