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Celebrating 146 Years of Service it is our pleasure and honor to continue making our customers dreams come true every day. Our customers are at the heart of all that we do.

We Are 5th generation family owned piano specialists serving all of your piano needs. Sales, tuning, repair, regulation, voicing, moving, consulting and custom piano building, we will continue to be here for you.

We have provided this web site with the goal that all who visit will come away with a greater understanding of the unique needs that each person has for a customized, personalized selection of the perfect instrument for them.

Our own line of custom pianos are the synergy
of traditional and modern piano making values
reaching a level of personalization unknown
until now in the piano industry.


The ideals are quite simple

in the choices we have made in balancing our Langlois & Sons pianos. We have truly handmade instruments; there is no use of robotics during the production of our pianos...
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Custom design your own piano!
You choose the model, style, finish, accents,
hardware color, voicing and bench type.
With the option of a PianoDisc Player system.

You dream it, we make it happen
Your dreams can become a reality

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A highlight of our testimonials

Jackson Berkey - "Peninsula residents west of Seattle are indeed fortunate to have such expertise available for tuning and servicing their pianos..." click here to read more

Overton Berry - "I have recently had the opportunity and pleasure of playing a Langlois & Sons Grand Piano. It is an instrument of the highest quality and musical standards that I have ever performed on..." click here to read more

Marina Lushkul - "Throughout my life of playing piano I have always wondered if there is a piano with the perfect combination of both worlds; a dep, warm, and rich voice along with keys that are not too heavy or too light that can allow total control of tone, timbre, and emotion. I have now found that perfect combination: in the Langlois & Sons models of pianos..." click here to read more


Pianos shown by appointment only

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Serving the Greater Kitsap and Greater Seattle Area

How to buy a piano

We've developed a form to make this process simpler, and we invite you to view our Custom Piano Building page to help you become familiar with what will become the piano of your dreams. We want all of our customers to be informed so that the piano they choose will become a part of who they are now, as well as the musician they will be in years to come.

We are now custom preparing our Langlois & Sons Pianos specifically for you. We will consult with you and become familiar with your desires in an instrument. Choose from Grand pianos, Baby Grands, Upright pianos and Player pianos. Fill out the Customer Profile to start the process! From a classical warm dark color of tone to a brilliant, sharp, more contemporary/jazz tone; we know how to refine each piano exactly to your tastes!

steps for selecting the best piano for you.

How Langlois & Sons Pianos
compare to the other manufacturers

Every aspect of how a piano is manufactured must be considered before investing in something that is going to be such a significant part of a musician's life. Below we show you how several manufacturers choose to cut corners - especially in areas that the musician will never see. We also show, in the last column, how important it is to us that nothing is overlooked in the creation of a Langlois Piano.

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We also carry a full line of quality second hand pianos, brands including Baldwin, Yamaha, Kawai and Steinway!

Authorized Dealers

We are authorized dealers for Charles R. Walters, Falcone, Gebr. Perzina, Kawai, Kemble, Brodmann, Schulze Pollmann, and our own custom made Langlois & Sons Pianos. We offer installation of the PianoDisc and the Pianomation Player systems, each with many different options available. Many of our Langlois & Sons Pianos are now being delivered with the PianoDisc system. It is pure pleasure and enjoyment for the entire family. We also carry a full line of quality second hand instruments, brands including Baldwin, Yamaha, Kawai and Steinway.

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Sheet Music, Lessons, and more!

Langlois Pianos International has the largest sheet music selection in Kitsap County, as well as the finest instructional staff right on-site. Additionally, we have a highly skilled tuning and rebuilding shop. We take great pride in our quality workmanship and service. Our shop maintains the highest quality in excellence and workmanship, providing superb service on all types of acoustical instruments.

Refurbishing and refinishing pianos are only a part of the areas in which we excel!

We proudly serve the Western Washington, Seattle, and Portland areas.


How to Buy a Piano - Make the
Right Choice

Taking the time to choose the best instrument is as important to the youngest of all beginners as it is to a more accomplished performer at a university. It is one of the wisest choices a musician can make as well.
As a piano technician, music educator, and purveyor of fine instruments, I have had the enjoyable experience of watching hundreds of piano students start, grow, improve, and mature in their musical education. During these many years of guidance to novice piano enthusiasts, I came up with a generalized performance chart to help explain the five types of pianos and their relationship to performance.

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PianoDisc Dealer since 1994! PianoDisc Systems is the largest in
the Industry!

Live music from your piano with over 4,000 song selections (and growing!) makes the PianoDisc or Pianomation a must for every music lover. We offer professional installation of the Pianomation and the PianoDisc Player systems, each with a wide variety of options available. Simply let your piano play live music for you, or go as far as wirelessly connecting to the Internet to download music, or network with your home computer systems!

Piano Disc - Brings Your Piano To Life

Many of our Langlois & Sons Pianos are now being delivered with the PianoDisc system. It is pure pleasure and enjoyment for the entire family. Listen to your favorite artists as your piano plays along!

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Ira Langlois

Our History

From the time I was a small boy growing up in the Puget Sound area it was instilled in me by my grandfather, Ira T. Langlois, that you must always do your very best job at all things in life.

Our lives have been that of craftsmen, and for 147 years, we've never wavered from the tradition of serving our customers with pride, excellence, and expertise.


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